Values and Responsibilities – Caseificio Castellan Urbano
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The values for those today still believing and practicing the real, authentic Dairy farming art.

Optimism and resourcefulness, sense of responsibility producing ‘stuffs people are eating’, identical to the ones we will feed to our children’.
People have always been set on top instead of profit and we strongly trust ‘the need of the right time for doing good and healthy cheeses’.

Urbano Castellan has passed to us the value of transparency within the production process, as an absolute choice of quality. He has bet on the creation of a working environment where everybody involved could have the media necessary to ‘carry out a good job’, investing, no matter the success obtained, in the safeguard of the peculiarities of the already existing cheeses instead of increasing volumes in production.

This lesson from the founder has been received by his daughters, they have developed the Castellan Urbano line, dedicated only to the sales channels able to evaluate these excellences, a ‘niche’ product including the selection of the ‘raw materials’, the processing methods, the ‘sensitive’ results.

«Fa’ puìto, che xè roba che a zente magna!»

(‘Veneto dialect’ translated to “Work at best, it’s stuff the people is eating’”).

Even today Urbano Castellan loves to repeat this recommendation, walking around the huge hall of the Diary Farm.
‘Fa Puito’, or ‘do your clean best’. A precise and simple warning, that in the Veneto dialect assumes the meaning also of ‘be honest’, ‘behave yourself’. A two words sentence enclosing all the brand essence of ‘Castellan’.

“Do your clean best” for Castellan means working with passion, reliability and creativity, within the maximum attention to the consumer, you must never allow for granted the responsibility of producing stuffs ‘people eats’.

It’s well known at heart by his collaborators, everyday processing the milk like it was done at the origins, when the Company made the choice to bet all in the authenticity, with preference to high quality of the cheeses instead of quantity.


It is all clear to his daughters Sonia, Manola and Sara, they have taken over with tenacity and innovative spirit the token passed from the founder and mother Armida.


Three women, three business women keen to good ‘Cuisine’, they have put together the mastery of the Diary making art with the continuous research of precious and unusual products to be paired to their cheeses, testing ‘gourmet’ recipes to enhance their flavors.

The responsibility guiding our daily choices.

What has always characterized us is the consciousness of the big responsibility in every step that is done within the food making process, the consequent choice to respect an ethical conduct code, handed over in the years.

The attention within the selection of the cow’s and goat’s milks, collected daily from seventeen selected and certified stables.


The respect for the common wellbeing, the hygiene and care of the environment and the production sites, the constant attention to the health state of the animals.


The transparency within the traceability of the raw materials and the production chain, to grant the protection of safe food making.


The precision in the measurements of the only three added ingredients, salt, rennet and probiotics, to obtain an optimum quality level both in the nutritional and sensorial features.


The decision of not adding any type of preservatives and of not resourcing any sophistications, to purposely increase weight and life, plan carried out for the absolute health of the product and its goodness.


Patience in the follow up step by step all the processing phases having gestures coming from the past, all because the taste of each cheese remains unchanged and loyal to its background.


The care taken in the packaging and the storage, the product must arrive always pure and natural on the table of who has chosen it.


The philosophy of food as culture, promoted with ‘kitchen’ course sessions, guided tasting tours, culinary events aimed to knowledge and the diffusion of food excellences.