Il Tomino di Capra – Caseificio Castellan Urbano
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Tomino di Capra Caseificio Castellan Urbano
Flowery rind cheese, edible and ultrawhite, from short maturation, with a consistent soft structure, uniform and intense in aromas.
The Tomino by Castelan Urbano is a specialty produced with pure goat’s milk.
Great when seared in a pan for 5/6 minutes. Featuring a not so thin rind, once on the grill only the inside melts.
100% Veneto Milk (@zero km)
No preservatives
No additives
Packed manually
Garantito Made in Italy Caseificio Castellan
Ingredients: goat’s milk, vegetable coagulant (extract from Thistle Flowers) salt, probiotics, selected white molds.
Affinage: 20 days.
Cheese to be cooked, edible rind.
Manually packed.
2 pc. 200 g variable packaging.
Visual: Round form white rind, flowery and striped, light yellow paste.
Olfactive: lively penetrating perfume.
Taste: delicate, pleasantly light.
At the touch: soft but durable rind, melting inside with cooking.