Bassanese – Caseificio Castellan Urbano
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Bassanese Caseificio Castellan Urbano
The freshly made Dairy cheese ‘Bassanese’ is one of the most peculiar from Veneto. The ‘Bassanese’, a Castellan Family brand for more than 40 years, is an aged cheese with an affination of more than 60 days, with a smooth structure, rare eye holes and the typical taste of local milk.
Great as a main course platter, paired with salads or cooked vegetables, suggested cut into small strips blended with pasta or sprinkled on hot platters with a melting purpose on to enrich flavor and decoration.
100% Veneto Milk (@zero km)
Garantito Made in Italy Caseificio Castellan
Ingredients: milk, rennet, probiotics, salt. Treated on the rind surface with preservatives E202; color additives E150d and E160b. Rind not edible.
Affinage 60 – 90 days.
Available in 2,5 kg (Bassanese Baby) / 5 kg (Bassanese) forms, variable weight.

Visual: round shape form with hard rind, smooth yellow color paste, rare eyes.
Olfactive: persistent smell of cow milk.
Taste: round in flavoring, sweet, lightly salted.
At the touch: semi-hard consistency, moderately fat.