La Ricotta – Caseificio Castellan Urbano
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Ricotta Castellan
The ‘Ricotta’ by Castellan Urbano is a diary product elaborated by milk and whey collected from local stables (zero km). it’s a lean product therefore can be used in all the diets that must be poor in fats. The structure is tender, flaky, the perfume light and fresh, the taste typical of just milked milk.
It is suggested to be consumed within the first days of production because no preservatives are used. Great when tasted naturally, but it’s good also as a filling for freshly made pastas (tortellini, ravioli etc.) or for the sweets.
Ricotta Caseificio Castellan Urbano
100% Veneto Milk (@zero km)
No preservatives
No additives
Packed manually
Garantito Made in Italy Caseificio Castellan
Ingredients: milk and whey, cream milk, acidity regulator: lactic acid.
Packed manually.
Available form 400 g / 1,6 kg.
Visual: white color, shape truncated cone with the typical stripes.
Olfactive: light and fresh scent.
Taste: delicate freshly milked milky taste, no fats.
At the touch: flaky tender structure consistency, typical of the elaboration from straining.