La Ricotta di Capra – Caseificio Castellan Urbano
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Ricotta di Capra Castellan
Produced exclusively utilizing Goat’s milk and whey, making a product highly digestible and tolerable.
A sweet taste featuring a light goat milk scent, it’s great alone or both ways as an ingredient for cakes and salty pies.
100% Veneto Milk (@zero km)
No preservatives
No additives
Packed manually
Garantito Made in Italy Caseificio Castellan
Ingredients: goat milk and whey, salt, acidity regulator: lactic acid.
Manually packed
Available in 300 g to 1.5 kg packaging.
Visual: striped conic forming, pure white color .
Olfactive: young affination scent, pleasantly tasting.
Taste: fresh milk, pleasantly tasty.
At the touch: soft consistency, flaky, peculiar feature of the traditional elaboration from straining.