Crafters of Taste – Caseificio Castellan Urbano
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Everything considered of first quality demands an indispensable requirement, to be done with care.



Handcrafting is the working aspect closer to human nature. Tradition is the rudder for the future.
Since the last 50 years we are preserving with pride the values of the manual skills, the responsibility, of creativity: the authentic expression of our handcrafting history.
All of us understand its deep rich importance, likewise its renewing everyday need, to maintain it all alive and current. Our job is a spontaneous balance of body, mind and heart.

We post on first place the team effort and the talented values of our professional handcrafters.

Expertise, competence, innovative suggested ideas are considered a beneficial enrichment for all the team at work and are shared by all to daily excel in the Diary Farm beliefs and for their guiding towards the future.

A professional and cultural background growth issued by our Company organization chart, oriented to internal dialogue and comparison among the team members.

Artigiani del gusto Caseificio Castellan Urbano

We have preserved the handcrafting within all the processing phases.: the cheeses are manually handled, from forming to turning in the maturation cellar, up to the final packaging.


We work with a maximum of 250 quintals of milk daily. The milk, cow’s milk or goat’s, is daily brought in only from breeding farms of medium or small dimensions: many of the breeders feed the livestock with corn or hay raised directly on their lands.


The production process is realized without using typical equipment of modern industries: we do not use the classical multipurpose cots to transform milk in curd, but we preferably choose a handcraft processing, with all phases still elaborated by hand.

A united team, taking part enthusiastically, busy people still finding the magic and the passion for making cheese from milk, loving the dynamics of their jobs, the open and positive dialogue confrontation.