Fauno del Grappa – Caseificio Castellan Urbano
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(Fauno: is the name of the mythological God of the Country side, the Flocks and the Woods)
(Grappa: is not only the alcoholic drink but the name of the mountain backing the territory of Bassano, a WW1 historical location, and giving to the area its name).
The ‘Fauno’ of Grappa is an aged cheese manufactured exclusively with goat’s milk and a vegetable coagulant extract from the Thistle flowers.
The milky taste, sweet, slightly savory pairs together a far hircine scent mixed with a recalling ‘bouquet’ of hay and flowers. the texture crumbly and compact with rare eyes.
100% Veneto Milk (@zero km)
Vegetable coagulant extract by Thistle Flowers
Garantito Made in Italy Caseificio Castellan
Ingredients: goat’s milk, vegetable coagulant (extract of Thistle flowers) salt and probiotics.
Affinage 120 – 180 days.
Manually packed.
Available in 2,5 kg forms.
Visual: round shape yellow rind and rare eyes.
Olfactive: delicate, a far recall of hircine scent.
Taste: milky taste, sweet, lightly savory.
At the touch: texture is crumbly but compact.